Sunday, December 3, 2017

How To: Renew the Facebook access token to continue sync your Facebook events into Google or iCloud calendar.

What is Facebook's access token?

The access token is a part of OAuth mechanism. It is used by companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter to permit the users to share information about their accounts with third-party applications or websites. 

Facebook's access tokens represent the permissions given to Calendar Cloud to read your Facebook events. It is granted when you first authorize the connection to Facebook. The access token generally lasts about 60 days and needs to be renewed to continue synchronizing your Facebook events.

Why does Calendar Cloud use Facebook's access token?

Keeping your personal information private and safe is a top priority for us. The best way to protect your login and password is not having it. The access token is one of the best solutions to protect your secrets.

When you should renew your token?

We track expiration date of your access token and notify you in a week before the date by email. Starting from this moment you could see "Renew Token" button in your Calendar Cloud dashboard.

In addition, we add an artificial event to your calendar assigned on the expiration date.
Facebook expiration token event calendar cloud

How to renew Facebook's access token?

It is very easy operation. Just log in to your Calendar Cloud dashboard any time up to the week before the expiration date.Then click on "Warning" icon to open calendar page.

Then  click on "Renew" link in "Status" field.

That allows us to request a new access token. It's all.
As a result, your expiration date event to be moved on a new date during the next sync session.

What happens if you forgot to renew your Facebook's token.

Nothing bad. We just stop the sync to avoid spamming error requests. When you login to you 
Calendar Cloud dashboard next time, you would see "error" icon. Just click to open a calendar page.

Then click on "Unblock" link in "Status" field.

This button does renew your token and restore your Facebook events sync automatically.

PS: Do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions or face any problems.

Oleksandr Ieremchuk,
Product Owner at Calendar Cloud,

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